About GuildTech Corporation

GuildTech Corporation provides a wide range of internet-related services as a provider, catering to the diverse needs of clients.

Business Areas

RMT Platform: We collaborate closely with Japanese partner companies to deploy an RMT platform. Emphasizing safety and efficiency in transfer operations, we offer clients a secure environment for trading.

Article Writing: We commission Japanese partner companies to have articles written by knowledgeable authors.

Media Operations: Primarily through owned media, we operate the following affiliate media. In the case of Onkaji News and Onkaji Stars, we operate with leased domains.
Poker Lab
Online Poker Textbook
Onkaji News
Onkaji Stars

Key Features

  • Customizable Services: We provide flexible and customizable services tailored to individual client needs, earnestly addressing customer demands.
  • Reliability and Security: With high-level security measures, we strive to build trust with our clients.
  • Deep Understanding of the Japanese Market: Through close collaboration with Japanese partner companies, we possess a profound understanding of the Japanese market, ensuring appropriate service delivery to clients.

GuildTech Corporation actively supports customer success by leveraging advanced technology and specialized knowledge.

Group Company: Namangan Guild